A woman was arrested for public intoxication over the weekend outside of Oakwood Village mobile home park after an officer on patrol noticed the woman, who was “unsteady on her feet,” waving her arms at him.

The officer stopped near the woman with his passenger side window down, asking her if she needed anything. The woman then reportedly leaned against the car door and told the officer that she loved him.

The officer asked the woman what she was out doing, and she told the officer that she was “sharing Jesus.”

According to the report, the woman’s speech was “very slurred,” and she was unable to clearly explain to the officer where she was going, though she indicated that she “wasn’t going anywhere specific.”

The woman never fully explained her reason for being in the area, but said she had consumed “about seven beers” at a friend’s residence that evening. The woman said that a friend had dropped her off and she was about to meet him to go home, but then told the officer that she was about to walk home to Chapel Ridge Apartments.

The officer noted “a very strong odor of intoxicants” coming from the woman, who the officer considered “impaired to the extent that she was a danger to herself.”

She was arrested and transported to Faulkner County jail, where she was cited and jailed for detox. The woman reportedly became “very uncooperative” while being booked, and was restrained by jailers. The woman refused to provide any contact information and the officer was unable to take mugshots.