A 14- and 15-year old boy were each cited for curfew violations after several criminal exploits around 2 a.m. on Wednesday in the area of Southern Hills Drive in Conway.

An officer on patrol spotted the pair running from the area and located one of them lying on the ground next to a home in an attempt to hide. He was taken into custody for curfew violation and was found to be in possession of a backpack containing pocket knives and solar yard lights.

Another officer located the second boy at another residence.

During the course of the investigation and while talking with one of the boys and his father at his residence, he admitted to committing several criminal acts in the neighborhood, including stealing the yard lights from homes and removing a motorcycle helmet from a yard and placing it on a nearby mailbox. He also said the other boy had punctured the tires of a truck with a pocket knife.

The other boy told an officer of their exploits, but claimed that his partner in crime had punctured the tires with his pocket knife.

Both of the boys were in possesion of pocket knives at the time of their apprehension.

After checking the area, officers discovered flower beds indicating the removal of several solar lights, the motorcycle helmet on the mailbox, a pickup truck with both rear tires slashed and a car with the right rear tire slashed. Officers also located a vehicle that had been egged.

Stolen property was returned to all homeowners. Police contacted the owner of the egged vehicle, who said they did not wish to file a report at the time.

Both of the boys were cited and released to their parents.