Conway police were dispatched to Conway Regional Medical Center at around 10:15 p.m. on Tuesday after a woman at the hospital asked to speak to an officer about being "falsely arrested and illegally evicted."

An officer located the woman sitting in a chair in the emergency room with two bags laying next to her on the ground. According to the report, at the time an officer made contact with the woman, there were approximately 25 people waiting to see a doctor.

When the officer asked the woman to step outside to discuss the problem, she reportedly jumped out of her chair and began yelling. The woman then picked up both of her bags and threw them towards the officer, who was standing about ten feet away. The bags landed at the officer's feet and several items spilled from them onto the floor.

The officer then gathered her belongings and instructed her to step outside. As the officer exited the double doors in front of the emergency room, the woman was still yelling at the officer, accusing him of harassing her and saying that she had been evicted from a residence on Timberlane Trail "without just cause."

The officer advised the woman that he had never met her and said he was sorry if she had been evicted, but she could not go into a public place and "throw items around."

According the the report, the woman continued to yell "almost at the top of her lungs," while waving her arms around. The woman told the officer she "wanted the world to know what Conway PD and Faulkner County had done to her."

After several attempts to calm the woman, the officer attempted to place her under arrest for disorderly conduct and place her in handcuffs. The woman reportedly pulled away from the officer as if to break free and had to be restrained. The officer was able to walk the woman to his patrol unit outside of the ER entrance.

The officer attempted to run the woman's name through ACIC, but received no return for the name she had provided. She advised the officer that she had recently changed her name. Her former name was run through ACIC and received a positive return. Confirming her identification, the officer asked the woman if she needed medical attention for any reason, to which she answered, "No." The woman said she had gone to the hospital "in order to have the police called on her." The officer asked her if she had intentions of causing a scene with ER staff, and she replied, "I don't give a flip."

The woman was transported to Faulkner County jail and was held pending a $225 cash or professional bond.

Most of her belongings were left at the jail, but a camouflage bag containing several more items was logged into safekeeping at Conway Police Department.