Police were dispatched to Meadowlake Road on Thursday afternoon after a woman entered her boyfriend's apartment and discovered him in bed with another woman.

The woman reportedly became upset and began throwing things around the residence, so the boyfriend "removed" her from the apartment.

The man told police he watched the woman through the blinds after she left the residence, and called police after he observed what he believed to be the woman attempting to key his vehicle.

The woman told officers that the two were in a relationship and had spent the previous night together. She said she entered the apartment through the front door, which was unlocked, and caught her boyfriend with another woman. She admitted to becoming upset and said she was removed from the residence by her boyfriend, but denied keying his car. The woman said she was seen beside his vehicle because her boyfriend "threw her car keys in that direction."

An officer confirmed that there was no damage to the man's vehicle. The man said he did not want to press charges against the woman. The report notes that the woman did enter her boyfriend's apartment without consent, but since she was "not there to commit an offense punishable by imprisonment," she was transported to the front gate and left the premises.