A man caught shoplifting at Walmart led police on a foot chase through the Hendrix campus on Wednesday.

Walmart asset protection associates contacted police after attempting to stop a group of four people who tried to leave the store with unpaid merchandise. The suspects fled the store, leaving behind a wallet and a purse containing one of the suspect's identification.

Asset protection was able to obtain the license plate number of a male and female suspect, who left the store in a red Kia Sportage. The Kia was stopped several blocks away.

Witnesses contacted police to report that both of the suspects who had fled on foot had entered the wellness center on Hendrix campus. The woman was reported to have been wearing jeans and a bikini top. Witnesses told police the pair ran out a back door, headed south. 

The woman, identified as Brittany Hamilton, 23, was apprehended at 809 Walnut Street (Styles R Us) after the owner called and reported that the woman was in his business. Cummings was returned to Walmart, where she was released for being the "only suspect to cooperate," having left "during the chaos." The report also notes that asset protection did not witness her actively participating in the theft.

The other suspect who had left on foot was identified as Dennis Brent Fregia, 22, of Clinton. According to the report, Fregia ran into the Ideal Bread store at 1065 Ingram Street and into a back room, where he was apprehended and placed under arrest. He was also transported to Walmart and was charged with theft of property and fleeing. Fregia told officers that he had fled the scene because he "thought he had a warrant." He was booked into to Faulkner County jail.

Items taken from the store included a car CD player, valued at $76 and sunglasses valued at $15.