Conway police responded to the parking lot of 700 Elsinger Blvd. regarding a suspicious person.

The initial statement given by dispatch was that a male in a white Hyundai car with Florida plates was asking women for directions and "touching himself" while speaking to them.

An officer located the described vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.

According to the report, the subject "completely denied the situation," and stated that he was just asking for directions to Walmart.

The officer stated that the subject became defensive and aggravated when asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle.

The subject gave consent to search, but advised that there was a handgun in the glove box.

"(The subject) went on to say that he had driven from Florida to visit his family in Mayflower and just had the gun for protection," the report stated.

While securing the gun, the officer found an iPhone 4 in the console and asked the subject why he didn't use the phone to get directions to Walmart.

The subject replied that he "did not like to rely on technology."