A man eager to recover his stolen fishing boat contacted authorities when he "cornered" a suspect he believed was in possession of his boat.

According to a Conway Police Department incident report, the victim blocked the subject, with boat in tow, in at an address on Highway 65 North.

The boat was reported stolen from a dock at Beaverfork Lake, which is CPD jurisdiction.

When questioned by an officer, the subject stated that he bought the boat from an unknown person for $150.

When the officer asked the subject who recently painted the boat, he replied that it was painted when he bought it.

The officer noted in the report that behind the residence at Highway 65 where the subject had been stopped by the victim, there were several paint cans that matched the color of the boat and an outline of where the boat sat while it was painted.

"When I asked (the subject) about the paint cans and marks on the ground he said that he didn't know anything about it," the officer wrote.
The subject was then arrested for theft by receiving.

According to the report, a neighbor arrived at the scene and identified the subject as the resident of the home where the paint cans were found.

The subject had previously told officers he was a resident of Greenbrier.

The citation was changed to theft of property.