A woman contacted police over the weekend after discovering a "vulgar sign"  that was left taped to her home sometime overnight directed towards her 16-year-old daughter.

The sign was discovered around 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, reading  "IT'S A BOY," "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME," "1-800-CHOKE-A-H**," and "#15PREGGO."

The woman said the sign referred to an incident that occurred with her daughter in the past which has been "continually brought up" by kids at school.

The woman's daughter also showed the officer a series of four text messages, one each from four different girls with whom she attends high school. One of the girls was identified as the "ringleader," of the girls that pick on the woman's daughter.

According to the report, the text messages were "almost exactly the same," requesting that the girl not involve the police. The girls said it was "just a joke," and that they were sorry for putting the sign on her house.

The officer took the numbers of all four girls and attempted to contact them so that he could speak with their parents about the situation.

One girl's mother spoke with the officer, who asked the woman if she knew about the incident. The woman stated that she did not know about the incident, so the officer informed her that a report had been filed involving her daughter and three other friends. The mother stated that her daughter "might have been there, but was not involved."

The officer told the woman what was written on the sign and that he had read the messages her daughter and friends had sent to the girl. The mother again told the officer that it was the victim "who was doing the harassing," and did not believe that it was any matter that should involve police.

The officer told the mother he was "only calling ... to attempt contact" with the mother as the officer did not have contact information for anyone but the juveniles involved.

 The officer informed the victim's mother that a report of harassment would be filed, and that a misdemeanor warrant could be pursued, however the family stated they "only wanted it on record," if the harassment would stop.