Officers were dispatched to Walmart on Skyline Drive on Friday after asset protection officers observed a man attempting to steal two flat-screen Vizio televisions.

When confronted, the man fled from Walmart employees. Officers were unable to locate the man after a search of the area.

According to the report, the vehicle that the man arrived in was parked in aisle four in the parking lot, occupied by another man. Officers located the car and made contact with a man in the driver's seat, who insisted he did not know the suspect.

The man told officers that he picked the man up on the Walmart parking lot when the man asked him for a ride. The man said the suspect had placed some personal items in his car, including luggage and a flat-screen television, saying he was "going into Walmart and would be out in a few minutes."

The man gave officers consent to look through some papers in the car that he said belonged to the suspect. Several envelopes in the car were each addressed to a man with the same name.

Using that name and the approximate age estimated by Walmart employees, officers had dispatch run the name through ACIC. Dispatch provided a return out of North Little Rock and sent officers a current photo from a driver's license on file at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Asset protection associates checked the flat-screen television in the car and told officers the television was the same brand and model that the man was observed taking from the store.

Both of televisions were recovered at the store by asset protection, who were advised of the warrant process.  The retail value of each television is $148.