Officers were dispatched to Lower Ridge Road at Highway 65 for a reckless driver report after callers told dispatch that the driver of a vehicle had passed out behind the wheel at the stop sign and had traffic stopped on Lower Ridge Road.

Police arrived on scene and observed a white Chevy truck being blocked in by a grey Jeep and a brown Ford F-250. The driver of the Ford told police he was the one who had been following the driver of the Chevy. An officer asked the drivers of both the Ford and the Jeep to pull in to the parking lot at the Don Owens sports complex to provide a statement. 

As he approached the Chevy, an officer noticed the back, passenger side tire was flat. The driver was slumped forward, but appeared to be awake. The officer opened the door to make contact with the driver, but he continued to look forward. The officer asked the man for his driver's license and insurance information, but the man never responded.

The officer then said, "Sir?" and the man turned to look at the officer and reportedly said, "I don't want to lose my job."

The man, identified as Baron Colby Bruce, denied that he had been drinking, but admitted to having smoked something "legal" after officers asked about his bloodshot eyes and badly slurred speech.

Bruce told officers he was coming "from behind Target." He denied having smoked K2, but told officers the substance was called, "Smoking Dragon." He also admitted to having remembered "hitting a mailbox."

Officers recovered from Bruce's lap a glass pipe and a "green substance."

An inventory of the vehicle revealed several glass pipes in the cab of the truck.

Bruce was handcuffed and placed under arrest for DWI drugs, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia and was transported to jail. His vehicle was towed from the scene.