An officer on patrol at Briarwood Circle busted a weekend party involving minors and alcohol around 2:01 a.m. on Saturday.

The officer noticed a female subject a couple of blocks away who also saw the officer and took off running, according to the police report.

As the officer got closer, he observed two other juvenile females running down the road. When the officer asked what they were doing, they told the officer that one of the girls had broken up with their boyfriend and was "really upset."

One of the girls told the officer that another one of the other girls ran out of the house where they were and that she had run after her.

According to the report, after another officer arrived, the girls were placed in the back of a police car and directed officers to a house at 44 block of Briarwood Circle, where the girls said a party "with no adults" was being held.

The officers heard noise coming from the back yard and noticed vomit on the ground next to the driveway. As the officers walked to the back of the home, they realized the voices were coming from the woods. A male subject approached officers and told them that there were at least three other girls in the woods. The girls were located later near the Briarwood swimming pool. As officers walked to the front of the home, the homeowner pulled into the driveway. The woman denied any knowledge of juveniles in her home drinking alcohol. She allowed officers into the home and was asked to gather all of the children in the living room area. The children were identified and officers contacted their parents. Officers did not locate any of the alcohol. A 15-, 16-, and 17-year-old were each cited for juvenile curfew violations. All parents arrived to collect their children, with the exception of three who were allowed to stay at the home.