Police responded to a call about a fight at JJ's Grill & Chill just after midnight on Sunday after a man hit another man over the head with a beer bottle.

Police arrived at the scene and found a man being treated by MEMS, who was only able to tell officers that a man had "broken a beer bottle over his head."

According to the police report, a woman told police that she and the man were standing at the bar when another man approached the woman from behind and "stuck his face in her hair." The man then reportedly whispered in the woman's ear that her hair "smelled very good."

The woman said the man with whom she had been speaking with said something to the other man about leaving her alone and going somewhere else in the restaurant.

The woman said the man then stepped away from her and off to her side away from the bar before swinging a beer bottle at the man with whom she had been speaking to, striking it over his head and "sending glass everywhere in the bar." The woman said that the victim swung at the man two or three times after being hit, making contact "at least once," before the man and another man turned and ran out of the front door.

The manager at JJ's said he did not see or hear the initial interaction between the pair but that he did see the man hit the other man with the beer bottle and then run out the door. The manager was able to identify the suspect by a credit card the man had used to pay his bill at the restaurant.

The victim recounted the story, saying he did not have a chance to move when the man swung at him with the bottle. He said he was able to turn his head "slightly," otherwise the bottle "would have hit him in the face."

The man was not transported by MEMS, but was treated at the Conway Regional Medical Center emergency room.