A call about a domestic disturbance just after 7 a.m. on Sunday at the 2400 block of Wilmington Road resulted in the arrest of a 28-year-old Little Rock woman for public intoxication.

Upon arrival, police found the woman squatting and urinating outside of the residence. According to the report, when she finished, she approached the officer “crying and cursing,” with a strong odor of intoxicants about her person.

The report says when the woman finally calmed down, she told police her name and explained that she and her boyfriend had been up all night “doing coke,” drinking and watching pornographic movies. The woman said she became tired and didn’t want to try a sexual position that her boyfriend had suggested, resulting in the pair becoming involved in a heated argument.

The woman told officers the man made her take “most” of her clothes outside and locked her out of the home, saying he did not want her there anymore.

When police spoke with the man, he said the two had been up all night and were involved in sexual activity when the woman became angry. The man said he loves the woman, but when she is “drinking and doing drugs,” she “angers very easily and becomes very hard to deal with.”

The man said he didn’t want the woman in his home any longer, as her actions are part of a “recurring pattern” that he “just can’t handle any longer.”

The woman told officers she didn’t have anywhere to go or anyone to come and get her. The woman reportedly made several attempts to contact her father, with whom she claimed she was not on speaking terms, but the man never answered her phone calls.

The woman was arrested after refusing to follow an officer’s instructions, instead attempting several times to get her boyfriend to come outside by yelling at him.

Police transported her to Unit II, where she was held for a minimum of six hours, or until sober.