After a rocky start, the Faulkner County Election Commission completed the drawing of ballot positions Friday at the District Court Building.

The first drawing, which was for the 2nd Congressional District, provided a bit of a stumbling block since the commission only had the candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties. Neither the Green Party nor Libertarian Party candidate were listed. Commission chairman Frank Shaw said he believed they were not certified yet.

"We have a system in place where we technically

do not have nominees for president," Shaw said. "And filing just closed today for outside the municipal areas. I was hoping this was going to be fun."

Shaw has sated that he wants to see major changes on future elections, but for now, the commission and county clerk are trying to make sure everyone is satisfied with the current process.

The commission will deal with voting issues at its next meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday. The location has not been determined, although it will likely be in a courtroom at the Faulkner County Courthouse.

Doug House, who is a candidate for State Representative District 40, said that he had a few questions about the process with having representatives observe County Clerk Melinda Reynolds program the voting machines, but he also is "100 percent confident" that the machines will work and that all county officials will do their job. Reynolds is running for re-election against Conway Alderman Mark Vaught, and Vaught has expressed no reservations about Reynolds’ involvement in the election.

Shaw said that the election would normally cost about $15,000, which he would ask the Quorum Court for, but the deadline to use Election System & Software has passed.

"It has passed before we have even had a chance to draw for ballots," he said. "These are some of the problems I am talking about."