Police and deputies used school property to get access to an injured person near Eastside Elementary this morning. The school is not in any danger, and there is no lockdown, said superintendent Scott Spainhour.

The incident is across from school property. Police are taping off an area. At about noon, an ambulance left slowly while parents gathered on the street.

The Greenbrier Police Department is the assisting department because the incident started in the county and ended up in a field near the school, police chief Gene Earnhart said.  The case may be related to another case the sheriff's office is working, said major Andy Shock with the county sheriff's office.

Spainhour encouraged parents not to withdraw students from school.

Just before 1 p.m., Shock said that officials still have a lot of questions and few answers. Authorities are slow to release details, but say they will soon issue a statement. Shock plans a news conference this afternoon.

(This story was updated from the original version with Greenbrier PD info.)

UPDATE: Full story on this incident and press conference video at: http://thecabin.net/news/local/2012-08-20/authorities-investigating-shooting-near-quitman