The construction of a new Walmart Neighborhood Market will begin soon, but not before developers come before the Conway City Council once again.

Two easements will be required from the city in order for the company to begin its project on Prince and Farris Roads. The easements will be on the Pompe Park property, according to Ronnie Hall of the Conway Street Department.

The proposed easements will be discussed during the council’s regularly scheduled meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the District Court Building. A committee meeting about the Conway Fire Department restructuring and new fire permits will precede the council meeting at 5:30 p.m.

The first easement is a drainage easement to allow them to install underground storm drainage pipe across the park property from the Walmart Property to Tucker Creek and allows them to install drainage pipe along the western line of their property to intercept the drainage from their parking lot.

"The Walmart site naturally sloped toward Tucker Creek and thus the storm water runoff from this site flowed across the city property to the creek," Hall said in a memo to Conway Mayor Tab Townsell. "It is my opinion that this route across the park works better for us than the alternative of taking the storm water to Prince Street and paralleling Prince Street with additional storm drain pipe."

The second easement is a landscaping and construction easement that allows the Walmart contractor to get onto Pompe Park property and construct the connecting parts of the pedestrian trail, install the landscaping required in the PUD to screen the Walmart buildings from the park and Pedestrian Trail.

An alternative of preserving some of the larger trees along the property line with "tree wells" or removing the trees and planting larger replacement trees.

Landscaping, design and drainage were a few large issues that were brought up during the months that Walmart attempted to construct its new store along Prince Street. Although many residents spoke out in opposition of the location, others supported the construction, and the council approved it in May.