Conway Police confirmed another report of unauthorized charges on Tuesday by a Centennial Bank customer, following a string of complaints by at least eight other customers over fraudulent charges originating in Los Angeles, Calif.

CPD Public Information Officer LaTresha Woodruff said on Tuesday that investigators are looking into the possibility that the incidents are stemming from a breach of security by the issuers of the bank’s debit cards.

According to CPD reports, the charges or withdrawals occurred between Aug. 22 and Aug. 24.

Several charges were for $503, $402 and $102.95. Charges totaled about $7,000.

One of the incident reports stated money was withdrawn from a bank on Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, and other reports state the money came from ATM machines.

The investigation is ongoing, and it is still unknown how many or if other customers have been affected.

Centennial Bank has about 20,000 customers in Conway.

The bank operates in Arkansas, Alabama and Florida.