A 92-year-old resident at the 2200 block of Independence Avenue called to report that she had been scammed by two white males who came to her door on Tuesday asking if they could cut brush along her back fence.

The woman said she told the pair no, and they left; but returned a little later and advised that they were going to cut the brush from the other side of the drainage ditch, and if she would show them which trees she wanted cut, they would cut them for her for free.

The woman said that she walked into the back yard and showed them which trees they could cut. She told police that one of the men told her that he was going back to the truck to get some chalk to mark the trees. The other male stayed in the back yard with her. The woman said after a few minutes, the man had not returned, but yelled to the other man that they "needed to go."

The woman said she didn’t think anything of it, until she got to the store on Wednesday and while trying to pay for her purchases, noticed that all of her money was missing from her purse.

There are no suspects and the investigation is currently ongoing.