An officer on patrol in the parking lot at Kohl’s was flagged down on Wednesday evening by Faulkner County sheriff’s candidate Tommy Earnhart.

Earnhart, 60, of Conway, told the officer that he and his wife had been shopping at Walmart on Skyline Drive, and came out of the store to find a note in an envelope on their vehicle’s windshield.
Earnhart showed the officer the note, which read, “Earnhart SUCKS!” “Shock is gonna win,” “Conway needs a Shock,” and was signed by “Wabbit Dogs 4 Sale,” “Watch where you park!”

Earnhart said he had no idea who left the note but he was concerned about it and threats being made to him and his property.
The officer provided Earnhart with a report number.

Police were able to access video surveillance, which revealed a brown, full-sized van parked next to Earnhart’s vehicle. Video shows that approximately 15 minutes after Earnhart went into the store, a white male and female walked out to the van and got in, where they sat for about a minute before the man climbed out of the driver’s side and placed the note on Earnhart’s windshield.

Video surveillance was too grainy to obtain a license plate number, but Earnhart reportedly looked at the video and was able to identify the suspect. He told police that he and FCSO Maj. Andy Shock reportedly made contact with the suspect at his residence, who claimed that he “thought the vehicle belonged to someone else.”

Earnhart did not recall the suspect’s name, but said the man apologized and said he was “playing a joke on someone else that has a truck just like his.” Earnhart told police he is satisfied with the outcome and did not want to pursue any charges, so the report was closed.