GREENBRIER — Dedication, pride, and tenacity are what make up the spirit of all the Greenbrier firefighters. They are all volunteers with other full time jobs who answer every call to an emergency scene within three to five minutes of the alarm. In every way, they act like the paid professionals — always reliable and fully prepared.

In their spirit of pride, they have rallied to lift not only the spirit of dedication that is found in Greenbrier, but their look of professionalism. Under the leadership of their new Fire Captain, Cody Fullmer, they installed a new sign to replace their old red and white painted sign that had been on the front of their station since the building was built about thirty years ago.

The new sign is cast of aluminum by Conway trophy so it will never rust and will last a very long time. The firefighters are also in the process of updating their building with new exterior lighting, signage, and some siding. They will even be refurbishing the interior of the Greenbrier station with a new look, including new shelving for much needed storage.

"We are planning on adding a flag-pole soon too," said Stephen Ferguson, firefighter.

Scott Bradley, firefighter, said, "We’re acting like professionals and are proud of what we do. We want to look like professionals and let Greenbrier know how proud we are of our city with this new look." Ferguson added, "We’re here to always help our community and answer every call without delay and with great pride."

Greenbrier has another station in Springhill and there are three fire trucks, three brush trucks, and a tanker that holds between 2300 to 2500 gallons of water to supply their pumpers when necessary. They have the ability to spray foam for vehicle and brush fires from one of the brush trucks. With almost twenty-five proud Firefighters in Greenbrier, ready and eager to rise to every call, Greenbrier is well protected.