Officers with Conway Police Department arrested Cortez Gould in connection with a robbery of Cricket Wireless on 825 Oak St. Gould was charged with aggravated robbery and possession of a firearm.

A yellow raincoat suited man robbed the store on Friday, Sept. 7 around noon. He used a pinch-style pick-up tool to grab money from the employees.

About a dozen employees and friends stood outside the store at about 1 p.m., visibly shaken. People hugged as police marked off the business with yellow crime-scene tape.

"We’ve just been robbed!" one employee said.

Witnesses said they saw a man leaving the store shortly after the robbery carrying a yellow bundle. He then left in a white SUV.

Surveillance video helped detectives get a description of the vehicle. An officer spotted the vehicle in a motel parking lot Wednesday evening. Detective Jason Cameron made contact with the driver and later Gould, who was inside the motel room. Gould was quickly named a suspect in this case and later arrested. The other man was arrested on a gun charge but not charged in the armed robbery.