Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Police made contact with a man sitting atop a sign outside of Auto Zone on Oak Street. According to the report, an on-duty officer observed the man "put his hand to his ear as if to demonstrate making a phone call." The officer pulled in to the parking lot to ask the man if he needed assistance or to make a phone call, to which the man reportedly replied, "Phone call." The officer said he asked the man again if he needed to make a phone call, and the man replied with the same answer, then began to mumble. Another police officer arrived at the scene. When an officer asked the man for his name, the man reportedly answered that his name was not the name of the police officer and "this is not Alabama." The officer agreed with the man, and again asked his name, to which he reportedly replied, "I am a mathematician." The officer reportedly "acknowledged that was a possibility," but said that that was not his name. The man then began to recite "random" numbers. According to the report, the man’s attempts to conceal his identity caused the officer to question the man’s intentions for being in the parking lot, and recognizing the man’s demeanor and actions as consistent with persons under the influence of a controlled substance or of someone with a mental disorder, the officer "became concerned for his welfare." When asked whether he had ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder, the man responded unintelligibly. Officers asked the man for a state-issued ID, but the man denied having either a car or an ID. Because it was determined that it would not be safe to leave the man unattended, an officer instructed the man to stand up so he could be placed into handcuffs. The man reportedly stated that he would not stand up and continued to sit. One of the officers grabbed the man by his arm "in an effort to assist him in standing," but the man attempted to pull away. When the other officer began to assist in restraining the man, he reportedly "began to thrash about" and attempted to break free. Officers reportedly struggled to restrain the man, and placed him face-down on the ground, commanding the man to give them his hands. According to the report, the man pulled his hands under his body. "Fearing he may have been attempting to retrieve a concealed weapon," an officer reportedly gave "one knee strike" to the "soft portion" of his abdomen as a distraction blow. The man reportedly continued to resist, so officers informed the man that if he refused to comply with their commands, they were going to use pepper spray in an effort to "gain control of him." The man reportedly stated that he "did not care," so an officer sprayed the man in the face with the pepper spray. According to the report, at that time the man stated that he "wanted more." After the man was sprayed, he became compliant and officers were able to place the man info handcuffs. The man had reportedly sustained a scrape on his forehead and left knee during the struggle, so he was treated at the scene by MEMS before being transported to Faulkner County jail.

• Police were dispatched to the 700 block of Reedy Road in reference to a suicide attempt. At the residence, police made contact with a white male who had cut his wrist. The man initially denied having hurt himself, telling officers they "had the wrong house." The man eventually revealed a deep cut on his left wrist, and when officers asked the man to step outside for treatment, the man reportedly said, "F*** you, you need a search warrant." The man then told police that if he wanted to kill himself, he could and police couldn’t stop him. Afraid that the man was a danger unto himself, police decided to take the man into custody for drunk or insane. When officers attempted to place the man under arrest, he reportedly "locked up" and grabbed on to the door, saying, "I’m not leaving." Police pulled the man outside and placed him onto the ground. The man continued to resist and would not comply with commands. Officers finally restrained the man and transported him to Conway Regional Medical Center for treatment. While at the hospital, the man reportedly told officers that he wanted to die and that next time, "he would cut his throat." The man then refused all medical treatment from the hospital. He as transported to Faulkner County jail and held for Counseling Associates.

• An employee at Exxon J Square on Dave Ward Drive called police to report that two black males allegedly stole two cases of expired soda that were stored at the back door of the gas station. The employee told police the men took the sodas and left in a silver 2005 Chevrolet passenger vehicle, from which the employee had obtained the license plate number. A check returned the registered owner as a female from Benton. The employee estimated the value of the sodas at $70.

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