A 17-year-old male student enrolled in Conway Public Schools was arrested on Tuesday following an incident on a morning school bus ride.

According to the report, several students approached a Conway police officer regarding a choking incident that had occurred on the bus involving the boy and his 18-year-old girlfriend.

Students told the officer they witnessed the boy choking the girl, and that this type of incident happens "regularly" on the bus.

The school’s assistant principal determined that the girl was not at school.

An employee in the transportation department provided video surveillance from the incident and the boy’s grandmother was contacted.

Officials attempted to contact the girl, but information provided by the school was "not valid."

According to the report, the boy and the girl lived together in a camper on his father’s property.

Following a review of the video footage, it was determined that a police report and charges would be filed.

Officer were waiting on the grandmother to arrive at the school so the boy could be interviewed when he reportedly asked if he was going to jail.

An officer told the boy she would "discuss that with him once his grandmother arrived," and when the grandmother arrived at the school, the boy allegedly began cursing and stomping his feet, even after being told to "settle down."

At that point, the boy was taken into custody for disorderly conduct. When he was told to place his hands behind his back, the boy allegedly raised his fist at an officer.

He was handcuffed and searched, and his property was placed into an envelope.

The boy reportedly told police "he was mad" at his girlfriend and "held (the girlfriend) down by the throat." The boy denied choking her, but said he "just wanted to get her away from him."

The boy was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and aggravated assault.

The girl told police she is no longer living with the boyfriend and is staying with her mother.

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