A standard Quorum Court meeting grew contentious toward the end following an argument over the duties of a grant writer for the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department.

After approving two ordinances — one amending an earlier ordinance requiring a written verification from the Faulkner County OEM/911 Office that an address has been assigned in order to receive utility services and one transferring funds within county offices — the court heard a report from Shana Cook of the grant writing office of the sheriff’s department, which was not on the agenda.

Following the report, JP John Pickett told Sheriff Karl Byrd that the grant writing position was only approved for grant writing and not for any other duties. Cook has been presenting programs in schools based on grants received, such as underage drinking awareness.

At that point, an unidentified deputy called Pickett "an idiot" and had to be escorted from the room by Byrd. County Judge Preston Scroggin called for civility, and the court immediately adjourned.

In other business, Scroggin said that bids will begin on the new courts building in either October or November. Scroggin also said that because of a vacancy on the road police department, he would defer to the sheriff for policing the area of large trucks on county roads. Byrd said the department would police the area "like we always have."

Scroggin also answered a question by JP Steve Goode concerning guns donated to Damascus, saying that Faulkner County as well as other counties have routinely donated items to other municipalities, such as vehicles and other assets.

"It’s not an uncommon practice," he said.