A 73-year-old Conway woman and a local bank representative contacted police after bank employees realized the woman was scammed out of nearly $30,000 over the course of six days last week.

The bank representative reportedly provided police with a list of withdrawals totaling $29,500 the woman had made from Sept. 11 through Sept. 17.

The representative said that while the woman was at the bank on Tuesday, employees questioned what she was doing with the money.

When she advised them of the reason for the withdrawals, the employees reportedly refused to allow her to remove any more money from the account.

According to the police report, the woman received correspondence in the mail from an entity called “Mega Millions.”

The first page of the mailer included a picture of Donald Trump congratulating the woman on becoming a millionaire. The second page included a photo of a James Adams, who claimed to be the person in charge of her claim.

Letters to the woman claimed that she was chosen in a random drawing held on April 28 as the winner of a total sum of $9.8 million and the keys to a brand new 2012 Mercedes Benz.

The letters instructed the woman to contact both the manager of the claims and Donald Trump at the listed phone numbers to claim her prize.

After contacting the numbers, the woman was instructed to send a series of cashier’s checks to “Leslie Holly” in Philadelphia, Penn., “Clide Graham” in Miami Gardens, Fla. and “Eddie Carbett” in Dophan, Ala.

The woman also sent three $1,000 Walmart cards and their activation numbers to “Leslie Holly” via overnight mail.

The investigation is ongoing.

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