The new editor of The Oxford American, Roger Hodge, plans speak during the Distinguished Speaker Series at the Clinton School of Public Service at 6 p.m. today.

This is the first chance to hear about new plans concerning The Oxford American, which has been surrounded by controversy since founder and former editor Marc Smirnoff was fired in July.

Hodge, a former editor of Harper's Magazine, lives in New York. Publisher Warwick Sabin said previously that Hodge would eventually move to Arkansas, but those plans appear to be long term, according to Hodge.

"At present, I plan to divide my time between Brooklyn and Arkansas," Hodge said in email earlier this week. "It's a rather long commute, I know, but hardly unprecedented."

Hodge is originally from Texas. He said he has been a fan of the prestigious literary magazine.

"[O]ver the last twenty years I rarely spotted a new issue of the OA that didn't end up on my reading table. The OA is one of the great American magazines," Hodge said.

People who love the magazine should not be alarmed by Hodge taking the reins, Hodge said.  He plans to introduce more "narrative journalism" to OA.

"Although it's natural that people who love The Oxford American should be apprehensive when a new editor arrives, I really don't think there's much cause for alarm," Hodge said in email. "After all, I wasn't the editor of Newsweek or the New Republic.  When I talk about introducing more reporting into the OA's pages, please understand that what I have in mind is narrative journalism, literary journalism. Such writing is certainly not foreign to the OA. I also plan to increase the number of pages devoted to fiction. Lovers of poetry, fiction and essays will always find much to read in The Oxford American."

OA has a video on Hodge up at