Conway firefighter Danny Collins suffered an embolism while training in a dive class in Hot Springs and has been transported to Shreveport for treatment.

Conway Fire Chief Bart Castleberry said Collins was taking part in dive training class Saturday and was in about 20 feet of water performing a search grid task with fellow firefighter Ty Ledbetter. Ledbetter said he felt a tug on his line and found that Collins had become tangled. Both worked on fixing the line and emerging to the surface when Collins had problems breathing.

"It was a blessing that the doctor in Hot Springs had seen this kind of injury before and knew what to do," Castleberry said. "He knew what type of brain injury this is."

Collins was able to see his wife, Brandi before being airlifted to Shreveport for treatment. His family and a liaison from the fire department are now in Shreveport with Collins. Castleberry said he will spend about a week in ICU, spending time in a hyperbaric chamber for his injuries.

"Collins is a seasoned firefighter and a good man," Castleberry said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family."