Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Loss prevention officers at Walmart on Dave Ward Drive contacted police on Monday after reportedly observing three black males enter the store and steal a Go Phone. According to the report, one of the three stood in the aisle as a lookout while the other two ripped open the package and concealed the phone. When confronted by loss prevention after leaving the store, one of the men reportedly said, "We good," and continued walking, leaving the store in a silver Mercury registered to a Walmart store employee. Police contacted the employee at his cell phone, but he denied any involvement, alleging that he had just woken up and would contact police if he discovered who used his vehicle. Loss prevention officers told police they would review video footage to determine whether the employee was involved in the theft.

• Police conducted a traffic stop Monday morning at Dave Ward Drive after observing a white Mercury with a cracked windshield. Police discovered that two of the vehicle’s occupants had warrants out of CPD, Faulkner and Benton Counties. The registered owner of the vehicle consented to a search, advising police that there was "a little marijuana" in the car. Police located a jar containing 70 grams of marijuana divided into 29 plastic bags under the passenger seat. Both suspects were placed into custody and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

• A resident of Salem Park Apartments on Dave Ward Drive contacted police on Sunday evening to report that someone had stolen a deactivated LG cell phone and an HP Touchpad from the residence. The burglar reportedly left behind several other electronic items, including laptops and cameras, which had not been disturbed. The owner was unable to provide serial numbers for the stolen items. He was advised to contact police if he located them, and was given a report number.

• A Conway man filed a report with police after an iPhone 4 he had listed for sale on Craigslist was stolen by a man who had contacted him about buying it. According to the report, the seller and the prospective buyer agreed to meet outside of Fred’s on Oak Street. When the seller handed the man the phone, he reportedly turned and ran west along the storefront and then to the north along Neal Street. The seller said he did not chase the man and did not see where he went. He was also unable to provide a serial number for the phone. The man was advised to contact police with the serial number and was issued a report number. The phone was valued at $300.

• Police were dispatched to the area of Colton’s Steakhouse at Oak Street on Sunday after callers observed three black males walking among rows of parked cars and pulling on door handles. The woman reported she observed the men break into a Honda Civic before leaving the area and walking behind Burger King. Police contacted the owner of a Hyundai Elantra, who said she did not see anything missing, but noticed that the glove compartment and center console were opened. Other employees exited the store to check their vehicles. It was discovered that one other vehicle had been accessed.

• Police responded to a call about a runaway juvenile on Friday at a residence on Bradley Circle. According to the report, police received information that the 14-year-old girl was possibly at the residence of her 14-year-old boyfriend. The boy’s father answered the door and invited police into the home. The boy reportedly told police he didn’t know where the girl was before leading police to a back bedroom. Officers discovered the girl under a bunk bed at the back of the residence. When ordered to come out, the girl reportedly remained motionless and silent. When officers scooted the bed away from the wall, the girl reportedly moved with it to prevent police from accessing her from the other side. An officer was able to grab the girl by the ankles and extract her from beneath the bed. She was placed into handcuffs and into the back of the patrol unit and was transported to Faulkner County Juvenile Detention Center, where she was cited for refusal to submit to arrest.

• A man at Martha Drive contacted police overnight Saturday to report that his wife was missing following an argument over her wine consumption. According to the report, he and his wife had been out to eat with another couple at a local Mexican restaurant, and when they returned to the man’s home, the wife and another woman retreated to the back porch to drink wine. The woman reportedly came back into the house around 11 p.m. to kiss her husband, which the man stated "made him angry" because he "hates the taste and smell of it," so he pushed her away. Following an argument, the woman reportedly went to bed around 1:45 a.m. but after five minutes, came back out into the couple’s living room and "became agitated" again. The man told police his wife spit in his face, and he slapped her with his open hand. She reportedly spit again, and the man said he again slapped her with his open hand. The woman spit a third time, so the man decided to leave the residence, packing a shaving kit and some clothes. He reportedly headed to Walmart just before 2 a.m., and while he was there received a text instructing him to "tell the kids she loved them, but she would not be around anymore." The man said this bothered him and he went back to the residence, but when he arrived the woman began arguing again, so he left. The man said around 2:45 a.m., he received a text stating, "help me" so he "rushed" back to the residence. When he arrived at the home around 3 a.m., the woman was nowhere to be found, but her car was still in the garage. After searching the home and the premises and calling family to see if they knew of her whereabouts, the man contacted police, who arrived and searched the home and premises as well, but could not find the woman. A ping of her cell phone revealed that her last location was near the cell phone tower nearest her residence, and the phone was turned off. Dispatch soon notified that the woman had been found. When police arrived back at the residence, they observed the woman lying in the living room floor, covered in a blanket. The husband told police he had found her lying in a ditch on the other side of a wood line behind the residence. According to the report, the woman appeared to be "groggy and lethargic," and told police that she had taken an Ambien while drinking the wine. MEMS responded to the scene. The woman reportedly had several scratches on her left knee, but no markings were discovered on her face or cheeks from the slapping. First responders cleared the woman, and police assisted the husband in helping her to bed.

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