VILONIA — Chief Brad McNew of the Vilonia Police Department is  asking for the public’s help in identifying a burglary suspect who was caught on a video surveillance camera in a Conway Walmart carrying a victim’s purse and using her credit card.

"We don’t know her and neither did the owner of the home that was burglarized," McNew said. "But, the homeowner recognized her purse and jewelry that the woman was wearing as belonging to her when she saw her (on the Wal-Mart surveillance camera) using her credit card."

The homeowner’s card was also used at Target by the same suspect, McNew added. The burglary occurred during the day on Saturday, Sept. 1, on Kimberly Drive in Vilonia, McNew said, while the homeowner was out of the house at a sporting event.

The suspect’s car, police said, was also caught on camera and is a "small station wagon-type," maybe a small Ford Escort, police said.

Anyone with information should call the police department at 501-796-2534.