The next steps for the new airport were taken by the Conway City Council Tuesday night when it approved members for the airport advisory committee.

Seven were chosen from those nominated including: Brad Teague, William Adkisson, Steve Magie, Fletcher Smith, Harrell Clendenin, Kevin Wish and William Hegeman. The council approved the appointments unanimously. Alderman Andy Hawkins was absent from the regularly scheduled meeting.

Jack Bell, assistant to the mayor, said that although many qualified individuals were nominated, he was happy with those chosen for the first set of terms.

"We wanted people who have been involved with the relocation of the airport," Bell said. "And we needed people who had extensive knowledge of the situation because a lot of decisions will need to be made quickly."

Teague and Adkisson will serve 4-year terms while Magie and Smith will serve 3-year terms. Clendenin and Wish will serve 2-year terms, and Hegeman will serve for one year.

The board will be called "as needed," and Conway Mayor Tab Townsell said the committee will remain at a lower category to allow for people to be appointed again after their term expires if needed.

While the council approved the appointees, alderman Shelley Mehl wanted clarification on the criteria used for choosing those who would serve. Mehl stated that she encouraged several people to ask to be nominated who had not been chosen. Bell replied that there would be plenty of chances for others to serve with rotating terms expiring in the next year and two years.

Four of those on the committee are pilots while more than one was actively involved in the relocation process.

The new Conway Municipal Airport is on schedule for a late summer opening in 2014, according to Ronnie Hall of the street department.