Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• A 22-year-old woman contacted police on Wednesday to report that she had lost $950 in a Craigslist rental scam. The woman said she found a listing on Craigslist for a home at 13 Hawthorne Drive. The home was listed for rent for $550 by a man named Roy Woodson who was claiming to have left on short notice for a mission trip to Africa. The man provided an application with the e-mail and asked that the woman pay for the deposit and then she could move in. The man also provided two telephone numbers, 2377045144343 and 0112347045144343; and was sending email from The woman sent the money to an Ekene Godwin at 92 Street, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Nigeria. The man then sent the woman an e-mail saying that he had spoken to his lawyer and would have to receive the first month’s rent as well before the keys and documents would be shipped to her via FedEx. The woman sent another money order through Western Union to Woodson, who said that he had already registered his package at his local FedEx store and as soon as he received the money he would ship the keys. After receiving the money for the first month’s rent, the man then sent another e-mail claiming his wife had been in injured in a car accident and that due to his financial situation, he would need the last month’s rent as well. The woman told police at this point, she began to doubt the legitimacy of the listing and refused to send the man any more money. The woman said when she enters the tracking number into FedEx, she can see a package listed for delivery. The woman has not yet received the package.

• Police were dispatched to Hendrix College around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning after a caller reported an unresponsive man lying on the ground near Faucett Hall. According to the report, police found an 18-year-old male lying on the ground. Officers attempted to talk to the man, but he would not respond. A female nearby told the officer the man’s name, and as the officer called his name and nudged his leg, he reportedly opened his eyes and smiled. When asked if he had been drinking too much, the man reported that he had. Officers noted the strong smell of intoxicants coming from his person. As the man got up from the ground, a silver metal cylinder used for grinding marijuana fell from his jacket pocket. The officer opened it and noted it smelled strongly of marijuana. The man was placed under arrest and was transported to Faulkner County Jail, where officers discovered a bag containing eight grams of "high quality" marijuana and a smoking device inside an inner jacket pocket during booking. When asked how much alcohol he had consumed, the man said he had "about five drinks" of punch spiked with whisky. The man was reportedly "crying heavily" against the booking wall. He was charged with simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication. The marijuana and smoking device were entered into evidence and sent to the state crime lab for analysis.

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