The Faulkner County Election Commission wrapped up its last meeting before the General Election finalizing plans for Election Day as well as checking on preparations for early voting.

Election Commission Chairman Frank Shaw confirmed that the commission had requested additional money from the county to complete the election, but he pointed out that the amount requested was not the $40,000 approved by the Finance and Administration Committee.

"We have two bills from [Election Systems & Software] for about $9,000 each and we have an $8,000 bill for advertising we are required to do," Shaw said. "The committee approved $40,000 just in case we would not have to approach them at a later date, but it was not the amount we requested. And the money stays within the county. What is not used goes straight back."

County Clerk Melinda Reynolds said that everything associated with early voting will be leaving the courthouse Wednesday. Early voting will begin Monday at the courthouse and several locations around Faulkner County. Poll worker training will begin this weekend, and poll watcher training for the Republican Party will take place Friday at the Conway Police Department. Paul Foster, who attended the commission meeting, said that the poll watcher training is coming from one party, but its intent is to make sure the election goes smoothly.

"Every poll worker I have ever seen wants to do the right thing," Foster said.

Reynolds said that certification of the election would most likely take place by Friday, Nov. 9, but if overseas absentee ballots had not been returned, certification could be delayed by 10 days. If all the ballots are returned by Election Day, the schedule should stay the same. "We will know by Election Day," she said.