Conway police officers were dispatched to IHOP just before 2 a.m. Sunday after a caller reported a fight involving a knife between two “older” men.

Officers arrived on scene to discover the pair and their wives arguing in the restaurant’s lobby. Police separated the men, ages 41 and 35, who witnesses reported had been previously drinking at the VFW for a birthday party.

Witnesses said the men “haven’t ever gotten along, but for some reason decided that they should hang out and drink together.”  After spending “a prolonged amount of time together,” the pair reportedly “began to get on each other’s nerves,” and called a cab before heading to IHOP.

Shortly after ordering food, the pair began arguing. One of the men reportedly made fun of the other’s military experience; the other took jabs at the man’s Jewish heritage, resulting in a wrestling match on the floor.

One man told police he had to defend himself from a butter knife after the other man allegedly attempted to stab him in the ribs. Witnesses, including the girlfriend of the accuser, all denied observing the use of a knife at any point of the scuffle.

One man suffered injuries to his cheek and mouth after being struck. Casualties included a shirt and an IHOP table.

Both men were taken into custody for public intoxication and were transported to jail.