A voter who said he was unable to vote for the candidate he wished resulted in an impromptu Election Commission meeting.

A Conway resident informed State Rep. Linda Tyler that he was unable to vote for her when he voted at the Faulkner County Library. The resident attempted to vote in District 2B, but he informed her that he was unable to find her name on the ballot. He did not indicate whether he could find her opponent, State Sen. Jason Rapert on the ballot.

Tyler said that since receiving the first email, she had been in contact with another voter in the same district who was able to cast a vote for her.

Both Tyler and Rapert attended the meeting, and both agreed that despite the indication that the problem may be overblown since other people have said that they could vote in for either candidate in the race, the need for an official overview of the machine would be proper.

"According to the Secretary of State, this meeting shouldn’t even be taking place until an affidavit is signed," Rapert said. "I think it’s important that we do everything by the letter of the law."

Tyler agreed, but said she was "appreciative of the responsiveness" of the commission, which was attended by Commission Chairman Frank Shaw and Commissioner Chris Carnahan.

Shaw said he wanted to make sure everyone was able to vote for their candidates, and although the most recent complication may not affect any other votes, he cited a case in White County that involved a malfunctioning machine.

"The tapes that were printed looked fine, but the name of one of the candidates didn’t show up in full," Shaw said of the problem in White County. "If we can get this affidavit and have the resident see which machine he voted on, we could be able to open it and make sure it is working properly."

A mistake on the White County electronic ballot system was reported by a voter who filed an affidavit seeking to have State Representative Tiffany Rogers’ name corrected on the ballot.

The voter noticed Rogers’ name reads "State Representative Tiffany Rog...". A spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Arkansas hopes the mistake will be fixed soon.

Early voting continued in five sites totaling more than 7,000 in the first four days, more than 10 percent of registered voters in Faulkner County.