GREENBRIER — A fire at a trailer in Greenbrier left 41 dogs dead and more than 90 without shelter.

Kristen Perrin, who coordinated rescue efforts for the dogs, was told of the structure fire Friday and began contacting rescue units to corral the dogs, which were all housed in one location. Patricia Baldridge, the owner, told Perrin she took in many strays, but Perrin said the presence of several puppies, some just a few weeks old, led her to believe that the structure housed more than strays. Reports that the house was an animal research lab have been unfounded.

The surviving dogs have been relinquished by Baldridge to rescue shelters. Perrin said that those dogs, many of them very small, are currently being treated for respiratory problems.

“We had five rescue units who helped us take these dogs in,” Perrin said. “I have had about 30 calls from people looking for their own dogs.”

Volunteers from the Faulkner County Humane Society, Wishing Well Paws, PS I Love You and Arkansas Chihuahua Rescue all took part in taking care of the surviving animals.

Perrin said a few puppies have gone missing, and there are people searching for them. She said 95 dogs are currently being held by area shelters, and the owners said they hoped they would be able to keep some of them again.