There may be more stuff, soon, on one supermarket’s shelves in Vilonia as well as more space to park and shop.

The Vilonia Planning Commission, Thursday night, granted Harps Grocery a variance for a side lot setback from 10 foot to six foot on the east side of their property in connection with a store expansion.

Addressing the commission, Harps’ representative Brian Jones detailed a proposal to expand the store 5,400 feet giving the store a total of 20,000 feet of space for operating when completed.

The expansion, Jones said, will include the addition of a bakery and deli as well as the expansion of the meat department. Also, he said, there will be a larger dairy and frozen food section.

"It’s going to be a pretty expensive project," Jones said. Fielding a question regarding the four foot request, Fielding said, it may be a small amount of space but it could mean the difference between moving forward and "killing the project."

A contract is also in the works, he said, with Centennial Bank regarding land located next door to the store that could be used to expand parking. A small building on the land is the current location of the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department sub-station.

"Conversation is going on as to what is going to happen over there," Jones said. No matter, Jones said, the contract says provisions must be made for the substation. There has been some talk, Jones said, about building a new substation and locating it on the front corner of the property.

"It hasn’t been decided how that is going to be handled yet — but there are provisions for taking care of them," Jones concluded.