Conway Mayoral candidate Mark Elsinger clarified his position on his address Saturday, noting that he owns two houses and he plans on moving into the Conway residence within the next two weeks.

Two sources confirmed that Elsinger does not live at his Conway residence at 2905 Antelope Rd. but instead at 53 Valley Rd., which is not in city limits. Elsinger said that he has been remodeling the Conway house for about a year and a half, but he plans on returning to the house once work is completed.

"I own both houses," Elsinger said. "I moved into my new wife’s house after we were married [in 2010], which was long before I decided to run for office."

Elsinger, who was recently endorsed by the Firefighters local 4016 group, said his son currently lives at the Conway location, and he has spent time working on renovating the house himself. He said his son plans on moving out when he and wife move back in.

"I know it has taken a long time to work on the house, but it is because I am doing all the work myself," he said. "I still get my mail there, and I still pay all the utilities. Do I sleep there? No. But that will change soon."

Elsinger is challenging current Mayor Tab Townsell and another mayoral candidate, Randy Herrold.