The Hendrix College film club will assist the production team of a documentary, called "The Place of Refuge: Calming the Storm of Divorce," and will need more local volunteers to be in the film.

Four students have already been selected, but the production team needs two more children and a parent volunteer who would like to have a very short appearance and comment about divorce in the film. Comments will be between 20 and 30 seconds. The volunteers are unpaid but will have their names attached to the ending credit scroll.

The team will be filming in Conway on the Nov. 3.

The filmmaker and director is Dr. Tom Vendetti of Maui, Hawaii, who is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, PBS producer and a psychologist in Maui. The documentary is expected to be shown on a national cable network sometime next year and is being produced by the nonprofit organization, Making the World a Better Place Foundation of Hot Springs, said Mimi Lupin, co-producer of the film and counselor.

Lupin teaches a class for divorcing parents mandated by the family court system in Hot Springs. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and is looking for tax deductible donations to help complete the film that will help reduce the trauma of divorce for both children and their parents.

The film will help millions of parents have a more friendly divorce and lessen the negative effects for children. For more information regarding the film see

Most of the filming has been done in Hawaii, and the film is half completed.