WomanWise!, an event proclaiming an evening of "faith, laughter and inspiration" will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday at oneChurch on 1073 Front St.

The program will feature Connie Cavanaugh, an author and inspirational speaker who said that she believes in the calling of God because she had no idea she would have ever been called to share her story of faith. Now she travels the world. Cavanaugh has written the books "Following God One Yes At A Time" and "From Faking It To Finding Grace."

"I had actually begun to lose my faith, Cavanaugh said. "I am a minister’s wife, and in that line of work, you can deal with so many broken people. I guess I was young and immature and fragile, but it took its toll on me."

Cavanaugh, who lives in Alberta, Canada, said that for a while she "faked it," but it was only when another woman asked her to speak to a group that she began to think that her calling may be to "bring sinners back."

"It was so strange because when I was debating whether this was something that I could even do, my phone started ringing from different people," she said. "I took it as a sign."

Cavanaugh, who claims to have not attended "speaker school," uses humor in her talks to communicate with an audience. She believes in the ministry of laughter she is ready to "love, hug and cry."

The woman-focused program will allow the audience to laugh, get inspired and find ways to improve their lives.

Admission for the program is $10. To purchase tickets or to get more information, call 329-0233 or visit onechurchconway.com or GesturesOfGenerosity.com