A man who was upset with the service at a Little Rock Sonic Restaurant phoned a manager in Conway and threatened to blow up several locations.

Conway police responded to the assistant manager of a Sonic restaurant on Prince Street. The said that late Monday night, a man telephoned the restaurant complaining about the service he received at the location on Rodney Parham Road in Little Rock.

The caller was described as an older white male, and he demanded to speak with the boss. The assistant manager said he could not give out his boss' personal phone number but that the manager would be available on Tuesday. He said the man was not happy with that information and that if his problem was not immediately dealt with, "some Sonics would be blown up."

The assistant manager said that the call came to the restaurant's business line, which did not have caller identification. The man refused to provide any contact information during the course of the conversation.

Police advised that anyone from the Sonic contact the police if they notice any suspicious activity.