Wesley Pruitt is the final elected Conway alderman after he prevailed in a runoff election with Aaron Knight Tuesday night.

Pruitt received 130 votes to Knight’s 120 votes. The final race, which was originally among three candidates, is for Ward 2, Position 1.

The runoff election was one of three for Faulkner County.

On Nov. 6, Knight led the trio with 1,533 votes or 40 percent. Pruitt was in second with 1,199 votes and 31 percent. James Quinn received 1,058 votes and nearly 28 percent.

"I’m glad this is over," a happy Pruitt said. "I’ve known Aaron for a long time, and he is a great guy and a good opponent. We have worked on many things together, and this was a good straight-forward race.

"I want to jump in and get involved right away," he said. "I want to continue the process that the council has been on. I want to continue the growth, but I want to make sure it’s smart growth and right for the city of Conway."

Pruitt, 31, is a lifelong Conway resident and attended Conway schools and St. Joseph Catholic School. He is a graduate of UCA.

He worked for three years at the Conway Chamber of Commerce as membership director, where he said he was able to work with small and large businesses.

Pruitt said the position helped him "to know the community in a different way."

"It helped me realize how much potential the city has, and we’ve barely tapped it. I want to help push it over the edge and help the city for the future," he said.

Two other races were decided in a runoff, but both races, one for Guy City Council between Ronnie Clendenin and Shelly Brown, and the other for California Constable between John Hutchcraft and Nathan Kelley, were not decided before press deadlines.