A child’s play and amusement area known as "The Clubhouse" is attempting to set up shop in the Scherman heights area, but it could meet resistance from homeowners in Scherman Heights and Windcrest.

The planned unit development request for the property, located at 575 Club Ln., will come before the Conway Planning Commission at 7 p.m. Monday night at the District Court Building. Initial talks for the property began in June, but the public hearing will be held Monday before the commission decides if it will recommend the zoning request.

The facility is coming before the commission at the request of Ben Watson, owner of Pediatrics Plus and Salter Properties. According to a submitted description to the planning department, the facility would be a "Child’s play and amusement area known as a ‘Clubhouse’ for kids. It would provide a miniature city of Conway that will allow kids to experience imaginative and creative play in a city built for them."

In addition, the description said the facility would offer three party rooms and would not "conflict with the use of other businesses in the PUD due to its intent, hours of operation and target audience."

Problems that exist within the facility include parking and an existing playground area, which is located at Pediatrics Plus. Homeowners in the Windcrest subdivision have expressed interest in placing conditions on the existing outdoor playground, which is also owned by Watson. Watson has stated that the two businesses would be operated separately. Conway Attorney Mike Murphy said in the comprehensive plan that "Assuming that the outdoor playground is part of a separate business from the proposed indoor playground, I don’t believe that the Commission should consider a condition that would effectively end an activity or land use properly existing at a separate business that is not before the Commission."

The PUD amendment would be for a commercial recreational facility, and uses underneath that description include everything from as bowling alley to a skating rink or a pool hall. The planning report points out that the commission may be able to define the amendment with certain conditions for the intended use.