The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton has partnered with the University of Central Arkansas to provide a more cost-effective option for UACCM students continuing on to UCA’s Early Childhood Education program, according to a news release Monday.

Students who hold an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree and who are looking to complete their four-year degree in Early Childhood Education are eligible to take classes at UACCM for an additional semester. Participants will be UCA students taking junior-level classes taught by UCA professors on the UACCM campus.

This opportunity allows students to continue their education toward a four-year degree while eliminating much of their travel expenses. Students who complete the program will graduate from UCA with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Early Childhood Education, P-4.  As part of this new offering, those students enrolled through UCA for the spring 2013 semester will begin classes Thursday, Jan. 10, at UACCM.

“The Governor has charged the state’s colleges with doubling the number of college graduates by 2025,” said Mary Clark, UACCM spokeswoman, in the release. “Online classes and strategic partnerships between colleges and universities will be critical in achieving this goal. We are proud to work with UCA in this endeavor.”

To enroll in the program, apply for admission to UCA as a junior-level transfer student, then contact Patti Hunter, program coordinator, by calling 501-472-1056 for more information.