A W. Va. woman soliciting magazine subscriptions Saturday at Walmart on Skyline Drive was arrested for criminal trespass. On Friday, a customer reported to an on-duty officer that two magazine solicitors were "extremely rude," when he declined to purchase a magazine subscription.

The officer made contact with a store employee, who advised that no one had permission to sell magazine subscriptions on store property. The officer reviewed security footage that showed two females approaching several customers with laminated pamphlets at the store’s south entrance. The officer confronted the women, who said they were not selling magazines "at that exact moment," but had been "earlier."

The officer then reportedly advised the women that Walmart did not want them selling magazine subscriptions on the property, explaining that if they were on the property and selling magazines, it would be considered trespassing. Both women acknowledged they understood and said they were leaving the state in the evening and would not attempt to sell any more magazines. The store employee contacted police again on Saturday to report that one of the women was back at the store soliciting magazine subscription sales. The woman was identified as an employee of Blue Diamond Subscriptions, LLC. She was taken into custody and transported to jail, where she was held pending bond.