A significant number of children’s wish lists remain on the Angel Tree at the Log Cabin Democrat offices with the deadline for Christmas delivery looming.

Project Angel Tree is sponsored by the Conway Noon Optimist Club. 2012 efforts began with some 572 wish lists. Now 53 remain.

Wish lists are collected by CAPCA, Inc. for needy children ranging from infants to 14 years old. The recipients are income-verified and the organization also compares recipients’ names to other holiday lists to prevent the duplication of services by other charitable organizations.

The suggested gift value is $40. Several of the children are asking basic necessities, including clothing and shoes. Others are seeking educational toys or video games.

Ted, 12, is asking for clothing and an art set. Kyla, 3, wishes for a Baby Alive and Hello Kitty Big Wheel.

Project participation is lower this year, said Noon Optimist Club member and Project Angel Tree chairman Cynthia Crabb, who attributed the large number of remaining Angels to the recommitment of donations by previous corporate sponsors.

"In the past, many of these children were sponsored by a few local corporations that have committed to other charitable causes this holiday season," Crabb said. "We would love a corporate sponsor to come forward and take on some of these lists."

No time to shop? Don’t worry, Crabb said. The Noon Optimist Club has a lengthy list of volunteers willing to shop on your behalf.

"Anyone can make a donation to the organization or on behalf of a child and we will take care of the shopping for them," Crabb said.

The deadline to drop off wish list items has been extended to Monday for weekend shopping, given the large number of remaining Angels.

Angels can be selected from a Christmas tree inside the lobby of the Log Cabin Democrat between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. through Friday.

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