GREENBRIER — The Greenbrier School District wants to reassure the community, teachers, parents and students that they are on the watch to guard against a happening such as the one in Connecticut in their schools.

"Our hearts are broken over the tragedy in Connecticut," Superintendent Scott Spainhour said. "Words cannot express the sadness we feel over the loss of innocent life. The safety of our students and faculty in Greenbrier is of the utmost importance. The district maintains updated crisis plans and procedures that address a variety of scenarios. These plans, which are intended to provide for the security of those in our care, are rehearsed at different times throughout the year in order to be prepared should the unthinkable happen.

Spainhour said that while many schools, including Greenbrier, have security plans in place, the chance to revisit aspects of them is important.

"In light of the tragic events that took place on Friday, the district will begin a thorough review of those procedures in order to determine if changes or additions need to be made," he said. "Please know that our teachers, administrators, and support staff remain committed to the safety of every child."

With prayer services in churches and mosques all over the country, flags flying at half staff, and tears in everyone’s eyes and hearts, the sadness of this event is something that schools do not want repeated — anywhere or any time again. Greenbrier officials pointed out that their teachers care about their young charges as much as any district. They coach, prod, and praise every day with youngsters who thirst for something fresh every single day. But most of all, they teach for the love of the kids. Many stay after school to help a student, give of their dollars when needed for extra supplies, and take work home almost every night to plan for the next day.

This is the time of year when exams are being given just before Christmas break. Parents are grateful to pick up their kids after school and know they are safe — and Greenbrier intends to keep it that way.

Praise goes to the people of Connecticut and their loved ones for their ability to grapple with the unthinkable. There are lessons to be learned from this for our nation and other schools. Spainhour said that Greenbrier is doing all within their power to keep kids safe. He reassured the Greenbrier community that a thorough review of all security measures within the school district is ongoing.