A 26-year-old Conway man was cited for disorderly conduct Saturday at Walmart on Skyline Drive after he was caught engaging in a lewd public act.

According to a report by Conway Police Department, officers were dispatched to the scene just after 11:30 p.m., where a white male wearing a white hat and maroon jacket was observed masturbating near clothing racks containing jackets in the men’s department.

The man reportedly placed a bottle of lubricant on a nearby shelf and began walking the opposite direction when he noticed an officer approaching.

According to the report, when confronted, the man was “so upset that he could barely get any words out.”

The man was escorted to the store’s apprehension room, where he eventually told police he had been “dared” once by an ex-girlfriend to masturbate in public. The man said he enjoyed it, so he thought he would try it again.

Video surveillance showed the man walking back and forth suspiciously between the jacket displays. The report said it looked as though the man had his hand in his pocket, but the video “didn’t show enough” to clearly capture the alleged “acts” in the men’s department.

The man was issued a citation and a criminal trespass warning, and was released on scene.

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