A report of a student threat turned to a confrontation between teachers and a parent last week at a Conway elementary school.

Conway police were dispatched to Jim Stone Elementary School Dec. 13 after a student reportedly threatened to cut another student’s throat.

According to a police report by CPD, Principal Mark Lewis contacted police while en route to report that he had contact with the child’s 22-year-old mother, who was on her way to the school and was very upset, allegedly telling the principal he was "being ridiculous," and that the boy was "a f****** Kindergartner."

An officer arrived at the school and met with Mr. Lewis, the school’s assistant counselor, the school counselor and the child’s mother.

The woman was advised that the incident must be reported to law enforcement by law. She told the group she was aware of the law, as she is employed with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office, then reportedly declined a request by the officer to talk to the boy, saying it was "ridiculous" that an officer "was called for this."

The woman was advised by the officer that in cursing at the staff, she was in violation of Arkansas Code related to the insult or abuse of a teacher. She was also warned that in the future, an administrator must be present before she can enter the school.

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