The Conway Historic District commmission gave preliminary approval on Tuesday night to a design from Central Baptist College for construction of a new library and demolition of the existing library.

Commissioners asked that the extensive landscaping that accompanied the construction of the Academic Building opened earlier this year be followed in the library’s plans.

A nearby property owner requested that construction times be limited, especially on Sundays. Marianne Welch said a neighbor couldn’t understand why a church school would have workers on site on Sundays.

Architect Rik Sowell said completion of the Academic Building was on a tight schedule to meet the opening of the fall semester, but the Library project will not have the same time constraints.

In other business, the commissioners approved plans for construction of two new homes on .96 acres at 2020 and 2016 Johnston St., between Donaghey and Watkins, in the historic area.

Working with the owner, Bobby Hamilton, the panel discussed placement and design of the 1,193 square foot homes on the lots. Presented were the same home designs approved for construction on Davis Street by the HDC in September.

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