On this beautiful day, we who work for the betterment of our community had to bury a portion of our hopes and dreams for Conway.

A beloved co-worker and his wife had to bury their even more beloved, beautiful 8-year-old daughter after a tragic accident.

We who work for our community are motivated to do our job to the best of our abilities to provide in Conway the quality of place in which people — like her and her family — can find their quality of life.

We do our job for her. That she can have a great childhood and attend great schools; that she can find herself a great home of her own someday and have a career right here that compensates her at her true value; that she could have a family of her own and stay in Conway.

Yes, we try to do that for all people, but when we walk back into our homes each night and hug our kids they become our motivation. We pull all the collective hopes and dreams of our citizens and symbolically concentrate them into the single soul behind the bright eyes of our children. We do our job for her.

However, while we who knew her and grieve with her family have felt our world, our hopes, and our dreams shrink in the loss of this beautiful child, the opportunities and possibilities which face our community have not.

Those opportunities and possibilities rise and lift and simply await the hands and hearts to make them real.

And while tragedy has stolen away the opportunity for us to raise the quality of her life, we can honor her life by continuing to strive to make this great community of Conway even better. She can still inspire us.

We would have done it for her. We will do it for any child. We will do it for every child!

Come my friends, we have work to do.

For Madelyn

In Memoriam